Woah, Hold Up, POW!

So today was just a relaxing day for us. We did manage to go out for some lunch at Hot Head Burritos. We came home and just rested. I made some Spaghetti for dinner and it was good. I decided to lay on the couch and watch some Youtube videos and Hubby was playing around on his computer. He was doing this all while working up a sweet tooth. I would have been fine without anything but he wanted to go to Kroger and get something.

Right before we left, I was watching Steps To Wander (on Youtube) and they were talking about how someone got pickpocketed and that happens a lot over in Italy. As we were walking out our apartment door, I said "That is why you need to make sure you were something with pockets that are close to your body."
"If someone would try to do that to me I'd be like 'Woah, Hold Up, Pow (while fist punching an imaginary pickpocketer.)'" We laughed the whole way to Kroger and back. It was just funny the way I said it. And it makes a great blog post title. I love being able to make memories with him and him laughing at my silliness.

He said the reason he wanted to go to Kroger was because we used to do things spontaneous like that when we first got married. Which is true! We used to go to Meijer, Kroger & Wal-mart at all hours when we were bored. We didn't have any jobs because I was still trying to find something in the area besides temporary positions. The store he had been working at was closed down. We were living with his parents for the time being. It was great to spend time with each other. Great making those memories.

Day 2 of being thankful:

I am thankful for my husband! He is my rock. He is all I have down here in KY. Sure I have friends, my church family and my inlaws but honestly I don't think I'd be down here if it wasn't for my love. He is a great man of God and has come a long way from when I first met him. He has changed a lot and it has been for the better. He is my best friend! He is my strength when I have my bad days. He is an awesome hubby & will be a wonderful father one day! And if you are reading this: hello friend, I love you :)

I know I said I might post some pictures and stuff but I am gonna have to get that done later. I have to upload photos and stuff to the computer from my phone and just didn't feel like doing so today! Haha

Have a happy nite,

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