2013 is almost over!

I am about to get ready for our New Year's Eve Service. I would call it a watch night service but I think we will be gone before midnight. In a way, it is nice bringing in the new year at home and safe. But, I do like being at the church at midnight too. We are supposed to have communion tonight, the Sons Of Thunder are speaking & then there is food and fellowship. It is starting at 7:30. I made my Cheddar Ranch Cheeseball to take with us. I might make a cookie/candy tray to take. But if I do that, it will have to be quickly since it is already 6PM. We have so much cookies and homemade candy that I want it gone from our place. Haha Less temptation.

So, 2013 is about gone and 2014 will began. I am ready to see where God takes us in this New Year. It is always exciting to start afresh. I told my hubby about the 52 Week Savings Challenge and I am really considering doing that this year. I just want to save, get out of any debt we might have, start being more frugal, grow in God, grow stronger in our marriage... etc. But, I don't wanna make any resolutions because those break so easily. Instead, I just want to change for the better!

Well, I better finish getting ready and decide if I am taking the cookies/candy or not!

Have a happy day and be safe tonight,

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