A Reason To Declutter And My Christmas Wish List

Well, I found a reason to declutter today. I was looking through our Blu-ray DVDs and saw that there were two, yes two, that were unopened!  When did I receive these you might ask? I got them for Christmas last year!! Brave and Soul Surfer. So, I will be watching one of them tomorrow night and maybe the other on Saturday!
If I ever needed a reason to declutter, this is one of them. This place is so cluttered with stuff that I overlook things that I have that we haven't even opened or used! Wish I had the time and energy to do what needs to be done.  Looks like it is gonna take however long it has too until I get the time and energy to do so. Also, I just want to move into a 2 bedroom apartment or house! Or maybe even rent a temporary storage garage.

As for my Christmas list, here are some things that I want:

  • Boots! (this is really a need since I need new shoes anyway. I want some nice flat boots to wear with the jean skirts and keep my feet warm.) I got to pick them out though. So I guess a gift card would do.
  • Purse-that I pick out.
  • Perfume. I like different kinds.  I have expensive taste though. Exs. Marc Jacobs Honey or Ralph by Ralph Lauren
  • ONCE Season 1
  • Reawakened - Once Upon A Time Book 
  • T-shirt from
  • Cute Cardigan 
  • eos lipbalm set at Sam's 
  • Coffee
  • Year Hulu Plus Subscription?
  • Giftcards to places like Charming Charlie, Christmas Tree Shop, Starbucks, TJMaxx, Panera, Catos, the Mall, Trader Joes, Dollar Tree, Old Navy, Ulta, Family Christian, Amazon etc... anywhere. 
  • Comfy PJs
  • Cute Bible Case
  • Shoes- Flats/ has some of my favorites
  • Modest Swimsuit from dainty jewels online cause I am wanting to go swimming/to the beach or something this coming year! 
  • wooden filing cabinet to match my desk
  • Slouchy Hat/Slouch Beanie
  • case for my phone! 
  • Scarf
  • A weekend trip away in a hotel suite! 
  • desk organizer set
  • Polar Heartrate Monitor  
  • Ferrero Rocher- my fav! 
  • anything geeky ;)
  • a maid
  • a fitness coach
  • a chef 
Okay those last three are for laughs. And this list are just wants. I really don't need any of them except for the boots/shoes. I don't think ladies are that hard to shop for. We love shopping so give us something to do that and we are good to go. LOL 

There you have it.

Have a happy nite,

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