Christmas Is Officially Done Here

So, Christmas has come to an end. We had our final Christmas dinner over at the Uncles place. We just had the same thing we had for Thanksgiving. Turkey, Creamed Corn, Mashed Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Rolls, Stuffing & Chocolate Cake for dessert. It was good. Wasn't the best that I had but it was good. I left full but ended up eating leftover salad from last night's dinner at Buffalo Wings & Rings. I've been on a salad kick lately. I've lost another 2 lbs I think. This new medicine that the doctor has me on is working really good. I just need to stop the sweets! But with Christmas it was kinda hard and we have tons of cookies left over and some candy! UGH! I think I am gonna freeze a lot of it and tomorrow I am taking some to church with me for my Sunday School kids. Hopefully they will like the White Chocolate Chip Cookies. :)

Looking forward to tomorrow's services. Tomorrow is the last Sunday that we are having the services the way that we do. Currently, it is 2 services. Sunday School in the morning at 10:30 and then Evening service at 6:00. Starting on the 5th of January we are going to be having Sunday School at 10:30, then go directly into praise and worship and our Evangelistic service. We will have the evenings free. I think this new schedule will be different but I think we will see growth in our services eventually. This way of doing services have shown success in many churches including the church I went to when I lived in WV. Pretty excited for the winter schedule. It is supposed to last until March but it might just be permanent if we start seeing that it is helping the church.

Speaking of church, I'd like those to remember my friend Jodi in your prayers. I met her at camp this past year. I didn't know that she read my blog until then. She told me that she found my blog through another one of our friends. She is having complications with her kidneys and this is the second go around. Please pray for her, her husband Rick and their little girl Amelia. Thanks!

I better head to bed!

Have a happy nite,

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