Christmas Party 2013

We had a good time at Granny's house. Here are a few pictures from the Christmas party.

Santa aka Uncle Gary. LOL He forgot to button up the Santa shirt/jacket. Oops.

Here are the older girls playing Greedy Santa. I've always loved this game. 

Christmas Party 2008
This year's Christmas Party!

It was raining today. Here I am waiting on an oil change. Since our new car sat in Aunt Pam's driveway for so long, we figured it best to get some maintenance done on it.

And here is our car! It was too dark last night to take a picture. It was so dirty having sat under a Honeysuckle Tree. We put it through two car washes last night and wiped it down. And hubby went out and spot cleaned it in the rain this afternoon. This picture was taken right after that. Pretty huh?

Well, I am headed to bed. Got church in the morning :) My class is gonna have some fun tomorrow. I think I have everything prepared for a little party.  I hope all my regulars show up! I have enough treats for a few more just in case. 

Have a happy nite,


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Thanks! Will do! :)