Coughing Up A Storm

This sickness, whatever it is, won't go away! Just my luck to be sick on my birthday/our anniversary week. I was coughing up a storm a few minutes ago and have been coughing today! Didn't make my day at work enjoyable either. But when is coughing ever enjoyable?

We started cookies today. I made the mixes and they are chilling in the fridge until Wednesday. I mixed Snickerdoodles and Slice n' Bake cookies today. Granny got a new mixer and it is a KitchenAid. I love it! lol

So, tomorrow is my birthday and I am gonna be leaving early around lunchtime! I am gonna be going to lunch with my MIL but I haven't picked out where yet! That will be nice.

Think I'll head to bed shortly!

Have a happy nite,

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