Day Thrown Off

Today was definitely a Friday the 13th at work. My day was thrown off at the start of my tour of duty because someone was sitting in my seat. So I had to sit somewhere else and so did my friend Mary. We usually sit beside each other. It just totally messed me up... Plus today seemed to go by so slow. Maybe it was just because it is the end of the work week and I wanted out of there.

I made a to-do list at work today for "Today" and "This Weekend" & had 8 things that I wanted to do today when I got home. I got 1 of those things done. Laundry. I guess I have much to do now between tomorrow and Sunday. The 7 things I didn't get done and about 8 to 9 other things that I had written down for "This Weekend."

Thomas' birthday was tonight so Travis and I headed to the party after he got done and home from work. We were late but so was a few others. It was at Chuck E. Cheese. We ate cake and ice cream there and then went to IHOP afterwards for real food. Haha 

That was my day. Oh and it started to snow again. Hopefully it isn't bad in the morning because we are gonna be getting our car, The Magic Mushroom II and I have to go to the grocery store for stuff for after our S.S. Christmas Program! 

Have a happy night, 

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