Laid Off Until Next Year

So, I knew this day was coming again and don't know if I mentioned it. I got laid off until next year. My guess is that I'll be back to work within 4 to 8 weeks.  I left work early today. I used 4 hours of annual leave. I didn't really want to but I wanted to get paid a full weeks pay so I used it. I'll have 12 hours available  starting out when I go back.  That is enough to take off work for Ladies Retreat!

I went to lunch with my MIL. Then we went shopping! I used some Christmas money and got this Vera Bradley.  :)

I also used my Birthday rewards card from VS and another VS gift card that I had and got these 2 gift sets and a fragrance mist... I paid less than $3 out of pocket. The gift sets were 40% off!

And going with the Birthday theme, I got this on my way home! Pumpkin Spice Latte. Yum. Free for me cause of it being my birthday month! Yes! Sad that my birthday month is almost over.
I've got 2 more coupons that can be used until the end of the year.  Not sure if I will use them or not though. One is for free food at Noodles and Co! I really wanna use this one so maybe on Sunday or Monday! 

Well, I am headed to bed shortly! We are headed over for another Christmas dinner at the uncles place and that should be the end of Christmas celebrations for this household.

Have a happy weekend,

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