Long Friday!

My day was long! Work took forever it seems. Couldn't get my time sheet to come out right at the end of my shift. Hopefully my lead was able to get it to come out. I guess I'll find out on Monday.

I went over to Granny's after work and made pies.  She made the crust.  My MIL did the oven and I did all the fillings for them.

German Chocolate Pie

Pecan Pie

Don't forget the Pumpkin Pie

They sure look yummy! I can't wait to have a little slice of each. We are talking a tiny slice too.

And guess what else happened today?
Hubby has an interview on Monday! Say a prayer for him. It is at 11:30am!

And we got our car!  For some reason we thought it was a Civic but is an Honda Accord.  It is nice none the less. It only has 15000 miles on it. We didn't get it fully cleaned off though. Hopefully tomorrow we can.

Speaking of tomorrow, we have the Christmas party at Granny's and I have to make salami rolls because I didn't get around to doing it tonight. Good thing the party is at 5pm. And on that note, I am headed to bed. Got lots more to do tomorrow besides the party!

Have a happy nite,

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