My Day

We had breakfast food day at work today. The casserole was great. Not sure who made it or the gravy. The gravy was too salty though. I brought in one of those store bought Bridgeford Monkey Breads.  It was good. Not as good as homemade though. I didn't get anything else except for a cookie and a couple sausage balls. They were okay.

I got my seat back today.  Apparently, since I sit there noone else is supposed to sit there. Or at least that is what my old manager said. I have been there the whole time since we got back to work so those who come in from other depts to help out are to report to the front to find a seat instead of just sitting in others places. Which is how it should be right?

We had more snow this morning which threw the day off for those who work and have little kids. The schools had two hour delays and then a little later they closed. But, the roads were not bad at all and the snow stopped. This messed up my friend Mary in coming to work on time and she had to get a sitter. Well, she left her purse and phone at home. So, I let her borrow mine.  Even though, the battery life was not good because it dies quickly now. I had to borrow a charger from another friend at work because I forgot mine. Gotta love technology. Maybe I should ask for one of those emergency charger things for my phone for Christmas.

After work, I made more cookies today. I put pictures on my instagram.

We made wedding cookies and white macadamia nut cookies. Mmm so good.

I came home trying to get some more things done off of my list and I really wanted to mail off things for family back in WV but I don't have any packaging tape. So, I have to get that tomorrow and mail it out either tomorrow after work or have it waiting for the mail carrier on Wednesday.

I am starting in October next year. I really have to.

Have a happy nite,

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