Preparing for Christmas: Gift Idea

Look what I made! Cookie cutters filled with Christmas bark. Which one do you like the best?
I made these for some of my family back in WV. I will be mailing them out early to make sure they get there in time for Christmas. So it may not be wrapped under the tree, they can at least enjoy the bark and then use the cookie cutters in making cookies for Christmas.

I will be putting these in individual cute bags and labels. The yellow angel is my Dad's.  It is dark chocolate on bottom and then the yellow with crispy rice in it. And some clear sprinkles.  :) The green wreath is for a friend at work.  It is red crispy on the bottom and then green on top with sprinkles.  The green bell is for my hubby.  The other 11 will be sent with my Dad's to other family members.

I think my favorite is Santa's hat. LOL I got creative on that one and used 3 different candy melts to make it. I used milk chocolate on the bottom, red and peppermint on top. I am giving it to Robin and hope that she likes Peppermint. If she doesn't at least there is only a couple areas with that. The rest she will like. Or she can switch it out with someone elses. I'll never know.

Well, this is what I did today between work and church this evening. I figured I would share. Maybe you'll get an idea from seeing this.

Have a happy nite,


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