Shopping Online For Christmas & Furlough Is Coming

Hope everyone had a happy day! Mine was pretty boring. Although, I did find out that December 27th is my last day for this season. I could be furloughed between 2 to 4 weeks. I am kinda glad that I don't have to worry about requesting the 3rd off.  We are going to Holiday Youth Convention (formally known as KY District Winter Youth Retreat) in Louisville.  The young people are so excited.

After work, I did get some mailing tape from Kroger to mail out stuff to WV. The mail carrier will be picking up to boxes in the morning. I finally feel like I am getting somewhere. I think that it might come together by Christmas. Or at least I hope.

Speaking of Christmas, I am still doing some shopping online.  I got some things from Figis and I might get some things from LTDCommodities.  If you haven't used either of these you should. They have good products and good prices. I'll be using Amazon too! What are some of your favorite places online.

Have a happy nite,

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