A Busy Weekend Ahead

Tomorrow is the end of two weeks working the detail. It isn't so bad. The only problem is it being restricted as I think I wrote about before. I may be going back to Data as of Monday morning. I will know something tomorrow. Last season was a strange one and this season is starting off very weird as well. I found out that training for the new hires starts soon too! I am not sure who they have doing the training. I was hoping to be one of those people but haven't been contacted yet. Not sure who my new manager is going to be either because my old manager took another position. Change - gotta love it.

I've been sick the last couple of days. I came home early yesterday. Sick to my stomach, headache and cold chills. Today I was just sick to my stomach and head hurt a little. Also I did something to the back before I left for work. LOL So I have back pain in the normal T3, T4 area. I've given myself a new nickname, it is "Falling Apart."

Well this weekend I'll be making out baby shower invitations for my friend Tiff and getting those mailed out on Monday. Also, there is a Prayer and Bible Conference in Carrollton, KY tomorrow night and Saturday and I know for sure I will be there on Saturday. Church on Sunday. Busy weekend ahead.

Have a happy nite,


Short Post

So, this is going to be short because my hand still hurts/has carpal tunnel symptoms and I am trying to limit the use of it.

Work went well. I wasn't in a restricted area and might not be! So that is good! I will update on work again at the end of the week!

If you are reading this, say a prayer for my hand!

Have a happy nite,


A New Adventure: Will I Like It?

I enjoyed my time off of work even if it was only a month! I can't believe I am headed back to work tomorrow! I was told by my Pastor's wife that I wouldn't like it. I guess I'll find out. I know that I won't be able to take my bag or purse that I normally take when I am in Data. Because I go into the section where money is and it is pretty much locked down! I was told that the area I am going into is most likely the mail room. I hope we can sit down. Haha.

So I guess I will be posting tomorrow on how much I like the work... Or if I can't stand it.  My friend Mary will be coming in tomorrow at 8:30 to join me! I don't know if I mentioned but she is due on Valentine's day. I saw her earlier this month for her shower but I know her baby bump has grew some since then. So, I can't wait to see her tomorrow to catch up.

I've got to go to bed earlier than I have been for sure. I just realized something and actually had to stop blogging to talk to my husband. That something is that I may be standing at the door for a half hour before I can go back to where I need to be.  I have to show up half an hour before because my hubby has to go to work too and needs to drop me off early. I might get lucky and someone be at the door for me at 7:15. That would be nice. Tomorrow is his last day at Microcenter! A new adventure awaits for the both of us.

Have a happy nite,


Ranting on Sunday Evening. Don't Mind Me!

So lets talk about how much my hand has been bothering me. I think I have carpal tunnel in my left hand. Well probably both. My fingers have felt like they are sleeping for the last two days. I have noticed symptoms long before the last couple of days that made me think that I might be getting it. I just don't like the fact that I probably have it. I know eventually I could have to get surgery and I don't want to. I am just praying that the Lord heals my hands and wrists. Working on the computer doesn't help either. And the fact that I am always at my computer when I am home too. So pray for me.

I honestly just don't need another thing wrong with me. I have too much stuff to deal with health wise as it is.
That is all of my ranting for tonight. LOL

We had a good service today at church. We went out to eat at BW3s with Tiff and Chris. We got there before the crazy people came in to watch the game. It wasn't too loud. It was actually perfect timing in getting in and then leaving. Hubby and I went to the store afterwards. We got some groceries for this week. I am sad still that I won't be visiting family most likely. And the time we were going to spend would have been great. But now I am going back to work and he will be home Wednesday through Friday because Tuesday is his last day at Microcenter. We came back home and just have been relaxing. I got on Pinterest and Youtube and there went my evening. Haha.

What is your favorite things to pin?

Have a happy nite,

Review: Kroger Simple Truth Mixed Berry Granola Cereal

Happy Sunday! Today, I want to review some cereal that was given to me to try. Have you tried any of the Kroger Simple Truth products yet? I have tried the products before given this to try and I have to say that I love how natural and organic Simple Truth products are. You can find them at Kroger!

Anyways, the Kroger Simple Truth Mixed Berry Granola was really good. I was a bit sceptical because to be honest the dried fruit in cereals has never been my thing! When emailed what was going to come in the mail, I was hoping that I would get something like Sweet Nut or High Protein Multigrain to try out. But, I got one with dried fruit and I gave it a go!! I suggest that if you are the same way as I am and don't really care for the dried fruits in cereal, give it a try again. The fruit actually turned soft and it ended up making the granola really tasty. I am going to compare the taste of the berries to Captain Crunch's Berry cereal. You know that cereal has been around and you know how this natural mixed berry granola is so much more healthier. So if you like that, you are for sure to love this!

This cereal is sure to add some enjoyment to your mornings! My milk at the end of eating the cereal was pinkish because of the mixed berries too. It was just very good all around and has definitely earned a 2 thumbs up from me! Definitely a great morning breakfast meal.

If you want to be different than me and switch it up, add it to some plain yogurt to make your yogurt more tasty. Or just fill up a snack bag with some and take it with you to munch on at work or on the go.

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I am a BzzAgent. These are my true opinions of what I think the cereal is like. I was given this product Free. I wasn't asked to do this post like many other times. Just wanted to do it today. LOL :) Have a happy day! 


KYHYC Pictures and Phone Calls

Well I was too busy to post pictures yesterday. But I am gonna post a few now. These are from Holiday Youth Convention in Louisville, KY! Sorry they are all over the place. I am not sure how to post them to make them not in a table and to be more organized. That drives me nuts. LOL

Bro. Tim Gaddy preaching to KY Students.
None of these are in any particular order. I have about 55 pictures but I figured I would only post a little bit of them. I shared the rest on the youth facebook page.
Bro. Jerry West
 - KY Youth President
Bro. James Maroney during
Saturday morning session.
Hubby before we left the church
for KYHYC14.
Courtney ready to head out to KYHYC!
My hubby and Bro. Chris walking on the skywalk
 to Starbucks and to get some food.
Smokestack shaped like a bear.
Or that is what the girls said.
 We saw this on the way down to Louisville.

Angel eating pizza at Iceland. Iceland
was opened to us from 11PM to 1AM
after Friday night service.

Bro. Tim Gaddy preaching #Radical.
Bro. James Maroney
District Superintendent
- Bro. Scott Marshall
Director Of Promotions
 - Bro. Nate Miller
Bro. David Reid
 - KY Youth Secretary
My crazy hubby.
He decided not to go on the ice.
Cayden and Angel on the ice.
Ashley, Tio & Angel ready
to go to KYHYC14
The girls ready for service
 on Friday night.
Galt House still had their
 Christmas decorations up.
The girls on Saturday morning.
Waiting for the
service to start.
The girls on the ice
except for Angel.
Looking at people skating.

My hubby, Chris, Tiff and I took down 5 girls and we had a great time. For some reason we don't have any pictures of me or Tiff. Oh well! I am glad I finally got these pictures edited and uploaded. Looking forward to what God is going to do in 2014.

So, yesterday I got several phone calls. The first call that I got was to remind me of my eye appointment today.  That went pretty good by the way! I will have new glasses within a week from Monday. I like the frames that hubby and I picked out.  Anyways, the second call I got was from work asking me if I wanted to come do a detail.  It would be starting this coming Tuesday from 7:30 to 4 and I would be working Fulltime to February. I took the detail in Extracting & Batching! So, I'll be going back to work earlier than what I thought. Once the detail is over, I'll be going back to Data.  I am a little sad though because I was going to visit family this coming weekend since my hubby is transitioning between jobs... I might still be able to but I am not really sure it is going to work out. I've been wanting to go up there forever and now this job opportunity came along to go back to work. So, maybe the timing isn't right just yet. The third call was to verify for my appt to the nurse practitioner which I will most likely be changing now since I am going back to work. Yep, it was a day of phone calls.

Well, I best go before this becomes a book! I had a great Saturday with my hubby. We went to eat for lunch and went to a few places including the mall, comic book store, Walmart, gas station.. then to eat dinner and then to Remke to get some snacks for my Sunday School class. We came home and have been chillin' since...

Have a happy nite,


One Step Closer!

I got the pictures from HYC edited but I am not sure if I am just going to upload them as is. I may make a collage and upload that! The decision will be made tomorrow!

January is a very busy month already! I know February is going to be too! So I hope everyone can tolerate me being a few posts off and a few on these next couple months. Who knows what March will entail!

My dad's birthday was on the 13th! He is 85. I am hoping to go see him soon.

Today was my in-laws Anniversary and also my friend Tiffhanie's birthday! We celebrated Tiffhanie's birthday last night. Her husband pulled off a surprise and she hadn't any idea. We met with some others at Golden Corral and surprised her. It was nice. Tomorrow, I am going out for lunch with my MIL and Granny to help her celebrate her anniversary.

Anyways, it is late here so I am going to bed!

Have a happy nite,


Busy Year So Far

Sorry I've been missing in action. I haven't forgot about my blog. I have been wanting to update about our trip to Louisville with the young people. But, I want to include the pictures that I took while the conference was going on. I will try to get to that this weekend. Just as well as getting to the pictures that I took during the Hayride that I said I was gonna share.

Hubby and I got a Minister & Wives party tomorrow evening and it should be fun. I am taking Something Fantastical for dessert and Hot Pepper Jelly over Cream cheese for the appetizer. They are catering in Longhorn Steakhouse so thats gonna be yummy.

Mary's baby shower is on Saturday! I still have to get a Bag and card for her. I got some burp clothes, a swaddler & a hair bow for Annie (her baby girl that is on the way). Wish I could have bought her more.

Busy January it is turning out to be! Busy year so far!

Hubby took a job with another company as of yesterday he resigned from his current job. He has a couple more weeks there and then he will be starting on the 27th at his new job! Keep us in prayer as he transitions over! God is doing great things for us!

This is our year. I claim it.

Have a happy nite,

Allergies, I hate them!

I haven't started to pack yet for HYC. I might not even do that until morning. I am feeling a bit sick right now. Well, it is just allergies though. I cleaned off and on all day stirring up the dust! My eyes are hurting and watery. I was sneezing and my nose was running. I just wanna close my eyes. I may be going to bed earlier than planned tonight.

I am trying to think of some goals for this year not resolutions. I can't put stuff into words right now though. So on that note, I'll go and try to figure out what I am gonna pack. I'll make a list.

Have a happy nite,


A Blessing on 01/01/14

Happy New Year everyone! I hope that you have a fantastic twenty fourteen!

I wanted to write about something great that happened today that was a blessing for us and the youth group. Travis received a text this morning from the director of Promotions for KY youth. Our youth group gets free registration! That is close to $200 for all of us. How awesome. Now, we can put that money we would have used toward the hotel rooms. We still need to raise up a little bit of money to cover remaining costs though! But, praise God for free registration to Holiday Youth Convention (formally Winter Retreat)!

I'll be packing tomorrow and we will be going to Louisville for HYC on Friday!

Have a happy nite,