A Busy Weekend Ahead

Tomorrow is the end of two weeks working the detail. It isn't so bad. The only problem is it being restricted as I think I wrote about before. I may be going back to Data as of Monday morning. I will know something tomorrow. Last season was a strange one and this season is starting off very weird as well. I found out that training for the new hires starts soon too! I am not sure who they have doing the training. I was hoping to be one of those people but haven't been contacted yet. Not sure who my new manager is going to be either because my old manager took another position. Change - gotta love it.

I've been sick the last couple of days. I came home early yesterday. Sick to my stomach, headache and cold chills. Today I was just sick to my stomach and head hurt a little. Also I did something to the back before I left for work. LOL So I have back pain in the normal T3, T4 area. I've given myself a new nickname, it is "Falling Apart."

Well this weekend I'll be making out baby shower invitations for my friend Tiff and getting those mailed out on Monday. Also, there is a Prayer and Bible Conference in Carrollton, KY tomorrow night and Saturday and I know for sure I will be there on Saturday. Church on Sunday. Busy weekend ahead.

Have a happy nite,

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