A New Adventure: Will I Like It?

I enjoyed my time off of work even if it was only a month! I can't believe I am headed back to work tomorrow! I was told by my Pastor's wife that I wouldn't like it. I guess I'll find out. I know that I won't be able to take my bag or purse that I normally take when I am in Data. Because I go into the section where money is and it is pretty much locked down! I was told that the area I am going into is most likely the mail room. I hope we can sit down. Haha.

So I guess I will be posting tomorrow on how much I like the work... Or if I can't stand it.  My friend Mary will be coming in tomorrow at 8:30 to join me! I don't know if I mentioned but she is due on Valentine's day. I saw her earlier this month for her shower but I know her baby bump has grew some since then. So, I can't wait to see her tomorrow to catch up.

I've got to go to bed earlier than I have been for sure. I just realized something and actually had to stop blogging to talk to my husband. That something is that I may be standing at the door for a half hour before I can go back to where I need to be.  I have to show up half an hour before because my hubby has to go to work too and needs to drop me off early. I might get lucky and someone be at the door for me at 7:15. That would be nice. Tomorrow is his last day at Microcenter! A new adventure awaits for the both of us.

Have a happy nite,

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