KYHYC Pictures and Phone Calls

Well I was too busy to post pictures yesterday. But I am gonna post a few now. These are from Holiday Youth Convention in Louisville, KY! Sorry they are all over the place. I am not sure how to post them to make them not in a table and to be more organized. That drives me nuts. LOL

Bro. Tim Gaddy preaching to KY Students.
None of these are in any particular order. I have about 55 pictures but I figured I would only post a little bit of them. I shared the rest on the youth facebook page.
Bro. Jerry West
 - KY Youth President
Bro. James Maroney during
Saturday morning session.
Hubby before we left the church
for KYHYC14.
Courtney ready to head out to KYHYC!
My hubby and Bro. Chris walking on the skywalk
 to Starbucks and to get some food.
Smokestack shaped like a bear.
Or that is what the girls said.
 We saw this on the way down to Louisville.

Angel eating pizza at Iceland. Iceland
was opened to us from 11PM to 1AM
after Friday night service.

Bro. Tim Gaddy preaching #Radical.
Bro. James Maroney
District Superintendent
- Bro. Scott Marshall
Director Of Promotions
 - Bro. Nate Miller
Bro. David Reid
 - KY Youth Secretary
My crazy hubby.
He decided not to go on the ice.
Cayden and Angel on the ice.
Ashley, Tio & Angel ready
to go to KYHYC14
The girls ready for service
 on Friday night.
Galt House still had their
 Christmas decorations up.
The girls on Saturday morning.
Waiting for the
service to start.
The girls on the ice
except for Angel.
Looking at people skating.

My hubby, Chris, Tiff and I took down 5 girls and we had a great time. For some reason we don't have any pictures of me or Tiff. Oh well! I am glad I finally got these pictures edited and uploaded. Looking forward to what God is going to do in 2014.

So, yesterday I got several phone calls. The first call that I got was to remind me of my eye appointment today.  That went pretty good by the way! I will have new glasses within a week from Monday. I like the frames that hubby and I picked out.  Anyways, the second call I got was from work asking me if I wanted to come do a detail.  It would be starting this coming Tuesday from 7:30 to 4 and I would be working Fulltime to February. I took the detail in Extracting & Batching! So, I'll be going back to work earlier than what I thought. Once the detail is over, I'll be going back to Data.  I am a little sad though because I was going to visit family this coming weekend since my hubby is transitioning between jobs... I might still be able to but I am not really sure it is going to work out. I've been wanting to go up there forever and now this job opportunity came along to go back to work. So, maybe the timing isn't right just yet. The third call was to verify for my appt to the nurse practitioner which I will most likely be changing now since I am going back to work. Yep, it was a day of phone calls.

Well, I best go before this becomes a book! I had a great Saturday with my hubby. We went to eat for lunch and went to a few places including the mall, comic book store, Walmart, gas station.. then to eat dinner and then to Remke to get some snacks for my Sunday School class. We came home and have been chillin' since...

Have a happy nite,

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