One Step Closer!

I got the pictures from HYC edited but I am not sure if I am just going to upload them as is. I may make a collage and upload that! The decision will be made tomorrow!

January is a very busy month already! I know February is going to be too! So I hope everyone can tolerate me being a few posts off and a few on these next couple months. Who knows what March will entail!

My dad's birthday was on the 13th! He is 85. I am hoping to go see him soon.

Today was my in-laws Anniversary and also my friend Tiffhanie's birthday! We celebrated Tiffhanie's birthday last night. Her husband pulled off a surprise and she hadn't any idea. We met with some others at Golden Corral and surprised her. It was nice. Tomorrow, I am going out for lunch with my MIL and Granny to help her celebrate her anniversary.

Anyways, it is late here so I am going to bed!

Have a happy nite,

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