Ranting on Sunday Evening. Don't Mind Me!

So lets talk about how much my hand has been bothering me. I think I have carpal tunnel in my left hand. Well probably both. My fingers have felt like they are sleeping for the last two days. I have noticed symptoms long before the last couple of days that made me think that I might be getting it. I just don't like the fact that I probably have it. I know eventually I could have to get surgery and I don't want to. I am just praying that the Lord heals my hands and wrists. Working on the computer doesn't help either. And the fact that I am always at my computer when I am home too. So pray for me.

I honestly just don't need another thing wrong with me. I have too much stuff to deal with health wise as it is.
That is all of my ranting for tonight. LOL

We had a good service today at church. We went out to eat at BW3s with Tiff and Chris. We got there before the crazy people came in to watch the game. It wasn't too loud. It was actually perfect timing in getting in and then leaving. Hubby and I went to the store afterwards. We got some groceries for this week. I am sad still that I won't be visiting family most likely. And the time we were going to spend would have been great. But now I am going back to work and he will be home Wednesday through Friday because Tuesday is his last day at Microcenter. We came back home and just have been relaxing. I got on Pinterest and Youtube and there went my evening. Haha.

What is your favorite things to pin?

Have a happy nite,

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