Review: Kroger Simple Truth Mixed Berry Granola Cereal

Happy Sunday! Today, I want to review some cereal that was given to me to try. Have you tried any of the Kroger Simple Truth products yet? I have tried the products before given this to try and I have to say that I love how natural and organic Simple Truth products are. You can find them at Kroger!

Anyways, the Kroger Simple Truth Mixed Berry Granola was really good. I was a bit sceptical because to be honest the dried fruit in cereals has never been my thing! When emailed what was going to come in the mail, I was hoping that I would get something like Sweet Nut or High Protein Multigrain to try out. But, I got one with dried fruit and I gave it a go!! I suggest that if you are the same way as I am and don't really care for the dried fruits in cereal, give it a try again. The fruit actually turned soft and it ended up making the granola really tasty. I am going to compare the taste of the berries to Captain Crunch's Berry cereal. You know that cereal has been around and you know how this natural mixed berry granola is so much more healthier. So if you like that, you are for sure to love this!

This cereal is sure to add some enjoyment to your mornings! My milk at the end of eating the cereal was pinkish because of the mixed berries too. It was just very good all around and has definitely earned a 2 thumbs up from me! Definitely a great morning breakfast meal.

If you want to be different than me and switch it up, add it to some plain yogurt to make your yogurt more tasty. Or just fill up a snack bag with some and take it with you to munch on at work or on the go.

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I am a BzzAgent. These are my true opinions of what I think the cereal is like. I was given this product Free. I wasn't asked to do this post like many other times. Just wanted to do it today. LOL :) Have a happy day! 

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