A Fun Weekend & Shingles

So, Ladies Retreat was this past Friday and Saturday in Louisville. Sis. Lori Wagner spoke twice on Friday and Sis. Nan Pamer spoke twice on Saturday. We stayed at the Crowne Plaza this year. It was really nice. The food that was served was really good. I think it was better than what the Galt house served.  I have a few pictures to share from the weekend and I will post them and write more about the Ladies Retreat in another post.

At sometime I ended up developing Shingles on my left arm.  So apparently I have had Chicken Pox before? I don't remember having them. Oh well. I noticed a couple red spots on Friday morning. But I thought they were just sweat pimples. Well when I came back I noticed the area had looked worse and blistered/inflamed as the days went on. Monday I called off work because I had indigestion from Sunday night pizza. But I noticed my arm was sore and didn't look good then. I went to work yesterday and just noticed it being more painful and it had spread to a spot on my back and another spot in another area of the arm.

So, I called off work today and made an appointment. To be honest, we thought it was a centipede or spider bite at first. But the doctor told me today that I have shingles. She gave me medicine that is specifically for drying the shingles out. She told me to take Aleve or Advil for pain.  I am supposedly not contagious to anyone except for pregnant women. This is not good since I shared a bed at the hotel with my 8 month along pregnant friend! And I hung out with her all weekend long. But, I didn't have any exposed skin near her. The doctor said she should be okay since they were just starting and there was no blistering.

I am supposed to decorate for her baby shower on Saturday and attend the shower. I don't know what I'll be doing now. I don't want to put her in risk of getting them. We go to church together. I decided to stay home from church tonight since the shingles still have blisters on them and I am running a slight fever. I will have to go to work the rest of the week though because I don't have any time available to take off anymore. That makes me sad. I wish I could stay home.  I hope no one else gets them!

Please say a prayer for me! Should I attend the baby shower or not?!

Have a happy day,


The Polar Vortex and Valentine's Day

So yesterday we got some more snow. We still had snow from the last time they had talked about The Polar Vortex and it had snowed pretty hard. It snowed about 5 inches last night. I heard we're supposed to get more tonight but it hasn't started yet!

Yesterday was also Valentine's Day and I got my hubby a card and a big Reese's Peanut Butter Heart. He liked it. He surprised me with some White Chocolate Covered Strawberries. They were yummy. I ate two last night and then the other two this morning with my oatmeal that I had for breakfast!

We braved the snow yesterday and left as soon as he got home from work.  We went to Salvadore's Pizzeria for dinner! We have gone there before but this was the first time that I got their pasta. It was really good. I really enjoyed dinner! Thanks again my love (because I know you'll read this some time.)

We stopped off at Biggby on the way home and got a beverages. I got a frozen Teddy Bear (White Chocolate and Caramel latte) and he got their Banana Berry Creme Freeze.  We had a BOGO coupon and then a free drink so both of them were free!

We decided to pretty much stay in today. Well I stayed in all day.  Travis went out this evening to go visit someone who got admitted into the hospital and then brought us home some food from Wendy's including Frostys.

Here are some pictures from yesterday!
Looking up our street.
Looking down our street.

My Valentine surprised me with white chocolate covered strawberries. He brought them when he came home from work.
My Valentine.

We ended up going to Salvadore's. I tried to capture the sign but with it snowing and stuff I didn't do a great job. 
My dinner. Spaghetti with Italian meat sauce and Meatballs. I also had them put provolone on it.
The garlic bread was yummy!
This is the table cloth on all the tables. Very neat print. Like an old time newspaper.

Comment below on what you did for Valentine's day!  I'd love to hear about it!! Hope you have a happy night and a wonderful Sunday!


Short Isn't The New Long

Hi guys :) Sorry, I have been MIA. I have been around just busy with work, being sick, going out of town, having a youth rally at our church and church in general. I have a good idea for a blog post but I haven't wrote it yet! I was inspired from when I went out of town at the beginning of the month. Well, it is 20 minutes til bedtime and I still have to make my lunch for tomorrow. Ahhh! Better go.

And this is a short but necessary update.

Have a happy nite & I will write more soon. Sorry to keep you waiting.