16 Week Pregnancy Update and Gender Reveal video.

Sorry I didn't get this up on Monday evening :( I am BEHIND.

Date: August 22, 2014

Due Date: January 31, 2015

How Far Along: 16w6d

Bump Pic: Once I start showing, I'll include this.

What I miss: Miss not having medical bills. lol Trust me, there are a lot. I have like 6 sitting right here on the desk that need to be paid.

Baby’s Size: Turnip

Symptoms: Nausea, lower back pain. I've had congestion as well as runny nose this week.

Weight Gain: Went to my Perinatologist on Monday and I was down 1 pound.

Maternity Clothes: Right now, I am still in my regular clothes. I don't quite fit into my Maternity stuff yet. There was one skirt I had on the other day that I could barely breathe in. lol So belly is growing.

Cravings: Sweets. That dark chocolate! Mexican foods. 

Food Aversions: I can eat anything right now.

Gender Guess: I know what it is!!! :) 

Medical Happenings: We said no to the insulin pump. I saw my Perinatologist on Monday and found out the results to the Harmony test. The tests came back negative and as low as it could possibly be.  So, that is fantastic. We also found out the baby's gender! What is your guess? Girl or Boy??? You can find out below by watching the video my hubby and I did.  Leave me a comment below letting me know what you thought about our video! :) I see my OBGYN again on Wednesday! Hoping that they will be able to find the heartbeat because last month the doctor couldn't and I had to get an ultrasound at another office. 

Emotional Stuff: Still crying over silly stuff. Today I was just overwhelmed and had a real good cry, thanking God for this pregnancy and our little one. 

Belly Button – In or Out?: In still! 

Movement: I am not sure if I felt anything or not. Sometimes I think I do but then I don't know. I guess I'll really be able to tell when it happens. So hopefully soon since they say around 17 weeks is when people start feeling the baby move. 

Sleep: Still tossing and turning. Kinda stinks that I can't get comfy. lol 

What I am looking forward to: Feeling the baby move. Shopping with the hubby for something for the little one. Hoping to get an outfit or something this weekend. 

Here is our Gender Reveal video:

Was your guess right? Please let me know what you thought about the Gender Reveal Video! Comment below! 

Have a happy day,

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