17 & 18 Week Pregnancy Update

Sorry I didn't update for week 17! This is for both 17 and 18.

Date: September 2, 2014

Due Date: January 31, 2015

How Far Along: 18w3d

Bump Pic: Once I start showing, I'll include this.

What I miss: I still miss not having medical bills. Definitely going to have to set up payment plan. 

Baby’s Size: Mango by the end of the week.

Symptoms: Nausea and exhaustion.

Weight Gain: I was back up to 216 at my OB appt.

Maternity Clothes: Right now, I am still in regular clothes.

Cravings: Sweets. And apparently Pringles. I bought some last week and went out at 11:30 tonight to get some. 

Food Aversions: I can eat anything right now.

Gender: Ain't no guessing anymore. Baby P is a boy!! :) 

Medical Happenings: I had my OB appt on Aug. 27th. It took the OB a bit to find the heartbeat but she found it. Baby P seems low. I made my Level 2 Anatomy Scan appt for Sept 9th. Hubby will be able to come. It isn't with my Perinatologist but the time was what we needed since mine couldn't see me later in the day.

Emotional Stuff: Emotions come and go. 

Belly Button – In or Out?: In still! 

Movement: Nothing yet. I am sure I will know when I feel something.

Sleep: I really need to buy me a Snoogle or whatever they are called. lol 

What I am looking forward to: Feeling the baby move.  And seeing that the baby is healthy from the Anatomy Scan. 

Baby Buys: Last week I was looking forward to buying the baby something. I got a couple of things. 

We bought him a bow tie from The Children's Place. It is for 6 to 18 months. I'll have plenty of time to put an outfit together. 

We went to Target on Sunday after church and got this outfit for him. It is size Newborn so I am really hoping that he isn't big and can fit it. I am gonna get a cardigan to put over it. I think this might be one of the outfits for either coming home or taking hospital picture in. 

My friend Tiffhanie bought Baby P this little blankie. I think it is adorable. I sorta picked it when we were strolling through Babies R Us.  She grabbed it and bought it for him and gave it to me once we got to her car.

Well, let me know if you have any questions! 

Have a happy day, 

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