25 Weeks Pregnant (Bump Picture & Update)

Date: October 23 2014

Due Date: January 31, 2015

How Far Along: 25w5d

Bump Pic: Here is a picture of me at 25w1d. This was right after we got back from Church and I changed from church clothes to lounge around clothes. lol Not the most flattering but it works. 

What I miss: Still missing good sleep. 

Baby’s Size: Eggplant

Symptoms: Shortness of breath, some lower back pain and sciatica near my right hip when I sit down a certain way. Actually sat down that way in the car and it hurt so bad. I had to get out of the car and sit down again. lol

Weight Gain: I weighed 219 at my Perinatal appointment on Monday. So I lost 2.4 lbs since last week. 

Maternity Clothes: I have started wearing maternity clothes. Some regular clothes still fit me. I noticed the skirt I wore to church last night (Wednesday) was tight when I sat down so no wearing that anymore during this pregnancy. I might get out the 3 skirts that my friend let me borrow and see if I can fit into them. Going to try to find something for the baby shower too. I want a certain color blouse but not sure if I am going to find it.  

Cravings: Apparently chocolate anything. I've had ice cream every evening... and it has been chocolate! haha 

Food Aversions: I can eat anything right now.

Gender: BOY

Medical Happenings: I went for my follow up appointment on Monday at the Perinatal Center. The appt was all backwards. First I was taken to the back for a sonogram. I didn't know that was happening. The tech said it was only to check my fluids. I did get a couple pictures of my boy's sweet face. I haven't got the scanner to work yet so I can't scan them in. Baby boy is breech again. My insulin was changed for lunch. The doctor added two units. Next weeks appointment got cancelled and I just have to call Monday to give my sugars to Nancy. I still have my appt two weeks from Monday. They will do another growth ultrasound and follow up on my sugars there at the office. Before I left the office, the nurse pulled me into the room to check my weight, temp and blood pressure. It was a backwards appointment. haha 
Also on Monday, I went to Cincinnati Children's for my fetal echo appointment right after my Perinatal appt. That place is a big hospital. I had trouble finding parking. I first took the wrong street before where I was to park and had to go all the way around the block of hospitals to find it again. I then turned into the Emergency Room parking only. I had to turn around and then went about 1/4 the way around the hospital and found parking! What an adventure. haha But, that isn't all. I had to find where to go. I got lost and was headed to the wrong location. Luckily a security guy saw I was confused and lost and pointed me to the elevator to take and get me to the right floor I needed. I stepped out the the elevator and was still confused because their was a child side and an adult side. Obviously I went to the Adult side and was in the right place. I registered and waited a little while. I was their early and was taken back a little early. The ultrasound tech told me what she was going to do and did the ultrasound which didn't take as long as I thought. She focused on the baby's heart and was getting several different pictures from different views and also different sounds. I am assuming some of it was blood flow through the heart. I did hear the heartbeat during some of the test too. She said she couldn't tell me anything but the doctor would be in to tell me everything. So, she got done and then I waited for the doctor about 5 minutes.  The doctor came in and told me of things that the sonogram couldn't pick up because baby is so small and that if there is a problem once he is born the doctor's can pick that up easily. She said that everything looked great and she didn't see any problems with his heart! So, if he does have anything wrong it would be detected at birth. I am trusting that we have a healthy little boy growing inside of me. 
Tuesday I was sick and didn't feel like doing anything but I got myself up and did the laundry. I had a cough and sore throat. I was just really wanting to rest all day. I just didn't feel right. You know when you are off and can just tell when you are sick. Tuesday was one of those days. Yesterday, I started off with a little sore throat but felt better. Thank God. Today, I am alright too. Just a little irritation in my throat.
My next appointment is tomorrow at my OBGYN's.  I am going to the Auburn office again. I like that so much better than the one closer to me. lol  I guess I should have waited to update tomorrow after that appointment. Oh well. I will include that in next weeks or just get on and post with a small update after the appointment. I can't believe it has already been a month since my last OBGYN appointment. Time is flying. haha

Emotional Stuff: Nothing out of the ordinary this week.

Belly Button – In or Out?: In! 

Movement: He is moving so much. I felt him kick on the outside this week. I think it was Tuesday night. I tried to get Travis to feel but little man wouldn't move for his daddy. haha He will soon enough though.

Sleep: Tossing and turning still. Can't get comfortable. Part of the problem is our mattress. We need a new one! 

What I am looking forward to: Still looking forward to finding a new bigger place so we can start his nursery. November 15th is my baby shower and I have registered at Babie's R US, Target, Walmart & online at!

Once I get the scanner to work I will upload the ultrasound pictures from week 23 and also the scan of his cute face from Monday.  Have a happy day!

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