29 weeks pregnancy update and my baby bump picture.

Date: November 21,  2014

Due Date: January 31, 2015

How Far Along: 29w6d

Bump Pic: Here is a picture of me at 29w pregnant. This picture was taken at our baby shower. Just like the others, it is from my phone so not the best quality. But, I love my scarf that I bought off Ebay. I paired it with a navy skirt, navy cardigan and a red shirt underneath. 

What I miss: wearing my blue jean skirts. lol

Baby’s Size: Butternut Squash

Symptoms: Shortness of breath, charlie horse in leg. Chapped lips. Failed to mention some acne on my back. I am fair skinned and never have an issue so I know this is pregnancy related.

Weight Gain: I weighed 220 at my Perinatologist appointment on Monday and 219 yesterday at my OB appt. 

Maternity Clothes: The outfit for my shower fit perfectly... Loved it. As the weeks go on, the less clothes I have and can wear. I need to get at least one or so more maternity skirts. The blue jean skirts that my friend gave me just do not fit me right. :-(

Cravings: Last week when I was craving comfort food, I ended up getting Mexican food. We went to Abuelo's. It was great. I haven't really had much of craving but still like some Mexican food and chocolate. lol Dark, Milk, it doesn't matter. :)

Food Aversions: I can eat anything right now.

Gender: BOY

Medical Happenings: My Perinatologist Appt: We had a follow-up on the sugars. Nothing was changed. I was told I was doing a good job. Even though I don't feel like it. When I want some ice cream or something sweet, I have it. LOL The food log has been put on hold because I keep forgetting to update it. I need to get on that so I don't forget what I have ate for the day/meal. Heartbeat was 144bpm. My OBGYN Appt: Yesterday I had my appt with the OBGYN. I have been sick the last 3 or so days. My temp was 99.3 yesterday. My blood pressure is still real good. I actually saw Dr. Sanan for the first time. She is the doctor that is listed as my main doctor and she is the one that gets all the ultrasound pictures/test results. I signed papers giving consent to Child Birth, Induction and Caesarean if needed. I know I'll be getting induced at 39 weeks. That is around 9 weeks and 1 day away. Wow! She checked his heartbeat. Told me from where she found it, he still was breech. Little boy better move around soon.. haha We talked about childbirth, natural, operative, induction and caesarean... She told me about scheduling a labor and delivery tour/classes. I need to do that. I'll probably call Monday. She also said that I really don't need a birth plan because that is what the doctor's are there for and they have my main interest in mind. I still think I might have something down on paper. Just because. She recommended people that is going to be around Yonatan to have the shot for Whooping Cough... Since I am allergic and can't get it. She also said something like not having him in Daycare for 3 months... So I am curious if that means church as well? I don't know. But I don't want to put him in any harms way to get sick... We shall see. My next appointments are on Dec 1st for the Perinatologist. I'll be getting a growth ultrasound and then also followup on sugars. My next OBGYN appointment is on Dec 3rd (My 35th Birthday.)

Emotional Stuff: Things have been okay this week. Just a little worry that we won't be prepared when Yonatan comes... as in a room set up and have all the things we need.  

Belly Button – In or Out?: In! 

Movement: I love feeling him move! And I love that his Daddy loves feeling him too. 

Sleep: It is getting hard rolling/flipping over. lol

What I am looking forward to: Finding a place. We are contacting a Realtor first and then will look for an apartment if we can't get a house. I don't care if the house is tiny.. As long as it has everything I need in it. 
Also, looking forward to both of us feeling better. I mentioned that I have been sick but hubby has been sick too. I think he is going to Urgent Care after work today.

Hope you enjoyed the last post of ultrasounds :) I think I am going to try to edit my shower pictures and put them up this weekend or the beginning of next week! It turned out good. We have a few people less than what I thought was coming but that is okay. We had fun and got a lot of items that are a blessing to Yonatan and us. Tell someone about my blog, I'd appreciate it. Have a happy day!

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