35 Week Pregnancy Update with Pictures! 4 weeks to go!! :)

Date: Dec 31, 2014 (Happy New Year!!!)

Due Date: January 31, 2015

How Far Along: 35 weeks and 4 days

Bump Pic: Here are two selfie pictures of me at 35 weeks 1 day.  

Here is one from 35 weeks and 2 days.

What I miss: Seeing family members for the holiday. 

Baby’s Size: One website says Honeydew melon and the other says Pineapple. Both of which I have already used. LOL So I don't know. 

Symptoms: Still short of breath and still wake up a lot to go pee in the middle of the night. I also think he gets in my ribs because there is some pain there. 

Weight Gain: I weighed 225.6 at the Perinatal Center on Monday.

Maternity Clothes: I am still wearing some regular clothes which are the bigger shirts I have and the skirts are elastic skirts. LOL I need to buy some nursing tanks, another bra & maybe another maternity skirt.

Cravings: Been having a sweet tooth lately. :-/

Food Aversions: I can eat anything right now. I guess you can say that I really had hardly any problem this pregnancy with aversions.

Gender: BOY

Medical Happenings: I saw my Perinatologist on Monday Dec 29th. I had Biophysical Profile and also a follow-up on the blood sugar levels. I saw Dr. Snyder and she changed my insulin. I am not back up to 46 for my NPH at bedtime and I am taking 20 Novolog instead of the 16 that I was taking for breakfast.  Yoni passed the BPP. They did the growth ultrasound and he is in the 89th Percentile. Woah Baby! He weighs approx. 6 lbs and 14oz. I think the screen showed that he was measuring 37w5d. We are gonna have a big boy. And I got a couple ultrasound pictures that I will share with you. I also got the ones from last week scanned that I will share.

From Last Week

His legs were crossed.

From This Week

His lips are puckered... too cute.

I had a NST today on New Year's Eve. The doctor came in and said that she wished all babies came in and had a reading that good. LOL Apparently, whatever it is that he did impressed her. lol He had a lot of movement again during the NST. I am pretty sure that is what they want to see.  Dr. O said that I will most likely be induced on the evening of January 25th.  She said that we will try to get that scheduled next week since I will be close enough to 37 weeks. That is when the normally schedule it. She said to remind the doctor. I think it is her that I see again next week. LOL. She also did a Strep B test. If it comes back positive then I'll have to have antibiotics during L&D. If negative, then none will be needed. I guess I'll find out those results on Friday or so... It will show up in MyChart before I go see the doctor again. She also checked my cervix and to feel if Yoni was head down. She said it feels like he is. I said he should be because he was during the BPP on Monday.

So my next appointment for followup and BPP is on Monday the 5th and my next appointment to have another NST and see my OBGYN is Thursday the 8th. 

Emotional Stuff: Just praying that things work out... Feeling anxious as the days go by. 

Belly Button – In or Out?: In! 

Movement: Love it! He is an active boy.

Sleep: again... What is sleep when you have to pee every 2 to 3 hours. :-)

What I am looking forward to: I started my hospital bag. I need to buy several more things to put in it. I have put some things in the diaper bag... like outfits for Yoni while at the hospital just in case I don't want to keep him in the shirt and diaper only. & I brought a few diapers just in case. But I doubt I'll need them.

I am looking forward to this Sunday. We are looking at houses! If nothing strikes our fancy this Sunday, I am thinking we will for sure have to find a short lease 2 bedroom that we can move into ASAP... or try to make do with this place. AKA Clean and move things around & store elsewhere or something.

Tell someone about my blog, I'd appreciate it. If I haven't covered something that you might have a question to, just ask. Have a happy day!

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