I'll See You Again In Heaven

So I said I would explain why I was emotional and why I looked so rough in my 38 weeks pregnancy picture. You see that day, Saturday Jan. 17th, we had our all-day Lamaze class at the hospital. Well, we went in at 9AM and were there until a little after 1PM. We were supposed to be there until 4 and also have a tour of the Birthing Center. That tour never happened and for us the class didn't continue after our lunch break. While on break, I noticed I had about 5 missed calls from back in WV.  I also had a couple texts telling me to call Robin ASAP because it is an emergency. It was bad news.

My dad had went into the hospital on Wednesday, the day after his birthday.  He was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure again which we already had figured that was the case. Robin got a call from the hospital telling her that she needed to go to the hospital as soon as possible on Saturday afternoon. At some point, Dad turned for the worse over night on Friday and was moved to ICU. He did manage to get up and go to the restroom on Saturday morning, taking his IV with him. I was told that he went back to his bed and things progressed fast. Dad's heart stopped and oxygen stopped flowing to his brain. They tried all they could do to resuscitate him.

So that is why I look rough in the picture and that is why I have had such an emotional week. To top it off, I didn't get to go to the viewing yesterday because it wasn't recommended for me to travel being so close to delivery. Since he has chosen cremation, we are going to have a graveside service later down the road once Yonatan is here. I wish Yonatan could have met his Pappy though. He had dementia the last several years but Dad was excited about my pregnancy when we would talk about it.

I miss my Dad. Wish I could have seen him more in the last 11 years that I have been down here in KY. The timing of his death is possibly the worst timing of all but I know that God's thoughts and ways are not like ours. His timing is not like ours. He will do what He chooses to do. He will take people at His timing. I know that I'll see Dad again in heaven. What a wonderful reunion he must have had with my Mom. And also getting to meet our little angel, David Ahaziah, now that must have been special. And getting to see my grandma Sarah (Dad's mom) again that he so often talked about. What a time he is having... Love you Dad.

38 Weeks Pregnancy Update And Pictures. Being Induced Soon!

Date: January 22, 2015

Due Date: January 31, 2015

How Far Along: 38 weeks and 5 days. 

Bump Pic: Here I am at 38 weeks. This was taken on Saturday the 17th.

I look rough, I'll explain in my next post. However, this skirt is rolled up and makes me look huge.

And here is a picture from last night at church.
My Woah Baby look. LOL
Baby Bump!

What I miss: I miss being able to walk without hitting my stomach on things. Or eating and not getting it everywhere on my shirt. LOL

Baby’s Size: I don't know the different in all these Melons but it says Winter Melon for 38 weeks.

Symptoms: Swelling in the feet, pregnancy brain, tired, hungrier than normal.

Weight Gain: I weighed 230.6 at the Perinatal Center today.

Maternity Clothes: Pretty much thinking that I will try to get a couple of nursing tanks. If I can find them in my size. Other than that, I am sticking with the clothes I already have since Yonatan is almost here.

Cravings: Sweets & Frozen Lattes still. 

Food Aversions: No aversions.

Gender: Baby BOY

Medical Happenings: Monday, I had a NST upstairs at my OBGYN's since the Perinatal Center was closed due to MLKJR Day. He was a happy baby and moved for the Doctor. 

I had my last two appointments today. Can you believe it? I had my Perinatal appointment first and had a final growth ultrasound. Yonatan is measuring around 8 lbs 11oz. He is around 3950 grams. I noticed that his head was measuring around 39 weeks 2 days and his stomach was around 40 weeks 1 day. Either way, the doctor came in to talk to me and told me to ask the OBGYN my options when it comes to delivering. She said that any baby over 4500 grams they discuss C-section but with Yonatan's measurements it is up in the air. She said my sugars were good and that Yonatan passed his BPP too.

I got one ultrasound of his face. Not very good. The tech said it is hard to get a picture once they start getting this big. Plus he is head down and face is toward my spine.
After my appointment today with the Perinatal center, I went upstairs for my final OBGYN Appointment. I took my ultrasound results up with me. I got weighed again, temp taken which I think it may have been a little higher than normal and also my blood pressure taken again. I got the same done down stairs. My BP was high down stairs but normal at the OBGYN's and also my weight was a little over a pound less. LOL 
My doctor said that the baby might be 8 lbs 11 oz, could be 7 lbs 11 oz or even 9 lbs 11 oz. I am hoping for either a 7 lb or 8 lb baby. Please Lord! She said at this rate, she would recommend a vaginal birth and told me the risks that the baby could have Shoulder Dystocia. Shoulder dystocia happens when your baby's head has been born, but one of his shoulders becomes stuck. It is very rare. There are several different scenerios that could happen including a broken arm or fatality. I am trusting that none happen and that I will deliver Yonatan safely into this world. Doctor O said that I will try vaginally and if by some chance a C-section needs to be performed than we will discuss when that time comes. 

I asked her about what I need to do on Sunday night. She said to just go to the floor. Go to the desk and then they will get things started. I will get Cervidil inserted, labs run, IV in... She said that the Cervidil will do its thing and it could take up to 12 hours. She said if they notice me having contractions they will check me sooner. Otherwise, I will just rest during that time it is in and they will check me in the Monday morning. She said at that time, they might tell me to take a shower and relax and even give me food to eat. LOL I think I like the food to eat idea. HAHA But that is just a tidbit as to what will happen when I first go in on Sunday night. 

I can't believe my induction date is almost here.

She checked me and my cervix was a 1. I am assuming that means I am dilated by 1 cm. She also said baby is very low. He doesn't feel low though to me. I just hope he stays in there until Sunday night. We still have to finish his little spot in our room and I have about 7 totes and 4 or so boxes to take to my MIL's for storage. Plus I need to clean some before Sunday night. 

Emotional Stuff: Let me tell you in my next post that will be up later today. After a nap!

Belly Button – In or Out?: In! 

Movement: He is a mover! I can't wait to hold him though. 

Sleep: Sleep, I am going to get some sleep in a few minutes. I will take a nap.

What I am looking forward to: getting everything together for baby boy. I still have a labor goodie bag to put together and make sure I have everything else either on a list and accessible or packed for sure.

Baby Buys: 
I got this bin on sale at Dollar General. I didn't realize it was on sale until I got home. I would have got a couple more. It is really decent size. I am going to put it near the bassinet with diapers and wipes in it.
I got these wipes on sale at Target and also go these 3 cute hats. I realized I didn't have any and wanted to get some for Yonatan before he came. I am taking at least one of them to the hospital with me.
I may not get around to posting a 39 week picture or post. We shall see. No promises. The next post you might see is my little rainbow baby!

So who is following along my journey? Let me know in the comments! Tell someone about my blog, I'd appreciate it. If I haven't covered something that you might have a question to, just ask. Have a happy day!


37 Weeks Pregnant! Includes Pictures.

Date: January 16, 2015

Due Date: January 31, 2015

How Far Along: 37 weeks and 6 days. This update is for 37 weeks.

Bump Pic: Here I am at 37 weeks!

What I miss: I miss just jumping out of bed. You know not having to worry about the tummy and not having to use the bedpost to help me get out bed. haha

Baby’s Size: large cantaloupe

Symptoms: Bad swelling in the feet, forgetfulness like forgetting to take medicine this past Tuesday night. PREGNANCY BRAIN.

Weight Gain: I weighed 232.4 at the Perinatal Center on Monday.

Maternity Clothes: I am still wearing some regular clothes which are the bigger shirts I have and the skirts are elastic skirts. I need to buy some nursing tanks and another nursing bra.  I don't think I'll buy any skirts or shirts now that I am almost a week away.

Cravings: Nothing really. Still liking the cold frozen latte's. Don't worry I don't have more than 100 mg or so a day in coffee. 

Food Aversions: No aversions.

Gender: Baby BOY

Medical Happenings: Awesome that baby boy is full term this week!!! 
I saw my Perinatologist on Monday. I had Biophysical Profile and also a follow-up on the blood sugar levels. I saw Dr. Evans and my insulin was changed to 28 units of Novolog before dinner. Yonatan passed the BPP. I did get a couple ultrasound pictures that I will share with you now.... 

His cute foot there at the top...

Kinda got a profile this week.

I had a NST Thursday. He wasn't as active and actually Dr. Magner came in and used the buzzer/vibrator on my stomach to get him to wake up cause baby boy wanted to sleep. He did move around a few times but she wasn't pleased with that. So I had an ultrasound in the OB's office just like last week. Yonatan passed the BPP there. I guess he just wanted his Mommy to see him. It looked like he was sucking his thumb at one point but we couldn't really tell by the way he was laying in there. I wish he would do something cute like that during the BPP at the Perinatal Center! He really hides there. He is head down still. yay!  
I did receive a call this week from Jill at the Anderson location. She said that my Induction is scheduled for Jan. 25th and I go in at 9pm that evening to get things started. Eek!!! :-D
My next appointment with Perinatal center is on the 22nd for a growth ultrasound and follow-up on sugars. I see the OBGYN again on the 19th for a NST and then I see them again on the 22nd as well. These are my last appointments... I can't even believe it. 

Emotional Stuff: Anxious!

Belly Button – In or Out?: In! 

Movement: Love it! I was just thinking today how awesome it is that he is in me and will be in my arms soon. But, I was cherishing the movements earlier today.

Sleep: Sleep is something that I need to enjoy this last week. LOL

What I am looking forward to: looking at more houses. I think we might look at a couple on Sunday. Still trying to figure out how we are going to make it work out here in this place. I am hoping we find a house soon after he is born. 

Baby Buys: We bought a bassinet and sheets for it at BabiesRUs as well as a snuggly gray bear coat. 
We got the 4 piece outfit and suit at Once Upon A Child. We also got the little hoodie there. I think it is small enough for the Yoni to where with his coming home outfit or hospital pictures. We are hoping that the suit will fit him around Easter. 

Tell someone about my blog, I'd appreciate it. If I haven't covered something that you might have a question to, just ask. Have a happy day!


36 Weeks Pregnancy Update with Pictures

Date: January 8, 2015

Due Date: January 31, 2015

How Far Along: 36 weeks and 5 days

Bump Pic: Here I am at 36 weeks!

What I miss: Being able to bend and move around crazily without worrying about my bump. 

Baby’s Size: Canary Melon (whatever that is... lol)

Symptoms: Peeing frequently! Carpal tunnel in my right hand! Holy Swollen Feet Batman! 

Weight Gain: I weighed 230.2 at the Perinatal Center on Monday.

Maternity Clothes: Same as last week. I am still wearing some regular clothes which are the bigger shirts I have and the skirts are elastic skirts. I need to buy some nursing tanks, another bra & maybe another maternity skirt.

Cravings: Been having a sweet tooth still. Thankful for the Brookside I received from Crowdtap. Go check out my last post. It has helped with the sweet tooth! 

Food Aversions: No aversions.

Gender: Baby BOY

Medical Happenings: I saw my Perinatologist on Monday Jan 5th. I had Biophysical Profile and also a follow-up on the blood sugar levels. I saw Dr. Evans and my insulin was kept the same. I was just told to watch my sugars close since this time is critical for baby. The doctor mentioned that when my sugar is high baby's pancreas are working overtime to get that under control too and that we don't want the baby to have to go into Special Care Nursery for sugar issues once he is born. Yonatan passed the BPP. I did get a couple ultrasound pictures that I will share with you.

Can't really tell but this is his face and chubby cheeks.

Heart Rate was 123 bpm.

I had a NST today. He wasn't as active. The reading actually only showed one good acceleration for the doctor. She wasn't that confident because she likes to see at least 2.  She had me go with her and did an ultrasound/BPP.  He ended up passing that and fluids looked good. 
I got my doctor to fill out a prescription for a breast pump that is covered by my insurance so that should be going through and I will get that soon. Also, she said that she put through the paper work for my induction date and that I should receive a call with the details. So hopefully I get that call today. She said she put it through for the night of January 25th!! I can't believe my baby boy will be in my arms soon! I can't wait to see him interact with his daddy! My Strep B test came back detected so I will need antibiotics during labor. Boo! She said that a lot of women have the same issue. 

My next appointment with Perinatal center is on the 12th. I have a dental appointment on the 13th. I see the OBGYN again on the 15th. Lots of appointments. So thankful for my planner that I got on Christmas! LOL  

Emotional Stuff: still feeling anxious as the days go by. I just hope I am prepared when he arrives and right now that doesn't seem likely. 

Belly Button – In or Out?: In! 

Movement: Love it! He is an active boy.

Sleep: again... What is sleep when you have to pee every 2 to 3 hours. :-)

What I am looking forward to: looking at more houses. Figuring out what we are going to do in the meantime. Getting this place somewhat prepared if we are still here when Yonatan arrives. 

Tell someone about my blog, I'd appreciate it. If I haven't covered something that you might have a question to, just ask. Have a happy day!

Review: Brookside Dark Chocolate Crunchy Clusters

Now most of you know that read the blog, that since the beginning of my pregnancy, I have craved Dark Chocolate. It was probably the first craving that I had. Well, I had a chance to try these Brookside treats through Crowdtap.

Let me tell you, I will definitely be buying them. I still have a good bit in my bag but it will all be gone before I know it.

I just love the chewy crunch that it has due to the berries that are in it as well as the crispy multigrains. Really love the Berry Medley flavors that it consists of. But my favorite part is the outside. The smooth dark chocolate is just what this pregnant girl needs.

Here is a picture of my baby bump and me enjoying some Brookside!


Also, here is a picture of the perfect combination if you want to combine snacks. Add some pretzels. Something salty and something sweet!!

Definitely try some Brookside... #DiscoverBrookside. #sponsored #gotitfree

Have a happy day,


How was your Christmas Time??

So the question is how was your Christmas? Here is how mine was in pictures. LOL A little explanation here and there. Enjoy! 

I went to Granny's and made cookies two times in December. Definitely realize it is Christmas time when the KitchenAid is out! 

Here is our next door neighbors decor. I just found it pretty and had to get a picture.  JOY! The O was in the shape of ornament but also had the nativity inside it. I love the shadow.

We went to Susie's for our family Christmas Party! Here is "Santa" passing out stockings.

 I made a Red Velvet trifle bowl for our Church Christmas Celebration. It was good but it wasn't hardly ate because there was so much desserts to choose from. 

Christmas Celebration day at the church. I had to take a selfie. 
 On to Christmas day! Here is what I got Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

  • A Coffee Pot Paper Towel Holder which I couldn't get out of the box to take a proper picture. It is going to go with all my Coffee stuff for the kitchen. It is cute.
  • I got a journal from Missy after the Children's Christmas program which was the Sunday before the Christmas Celebration.
  • I got a Jesus Calling Devotional Book from Sis. Smith the day of the Children's Christmas Program. It is so good. I started it on January 1st and highly recommend it.
  • We got a $25 dollar gift card to Applebee's from Granny.
  • I got a Sugar Paper Planner from hubby for Christmas and also an Eyebrow Wax. It was what I wanted.
  • I got a $50 Kroger Gift Card
  • I got a $150 Dollar Visa Gift Card. (Wow!)
  • A $50 card to Babie's R Us.
  • $100 Cash
  • 2 Mugs and Tea Set
I can't recall anything else at the moment. Some wasn't pictured and I didn't feel the need to share who everything was from. 

Christmas Day we went over to our friend's place for lunch and had a great time. These dessert bars were brought by me. I made them. They are the Smore's Hershey Dessert bars and they were quite good.

Intense game of Jenga going on between my husband and our friend Chris.

Here are some of the Christmas cards received this year.
Well, that is all the pictures to share that I had on my phone. :) Christmas has come and gone. Next year's Christmas will be awesome. I can't wait.

Have a happy day,


Two Milestones?

Celebrating my 35th birthday and 10th Anniversary.  This was a month ago! LOL
Yes, I turned 35 on Dec 3rd 2014 & Our 10th Anniversary was on Dec 6st. Hard to believe that we have been married for 10 wonderful years. We've had ups and downs, but God has been so good to us. I am so thankful for my husband and love him so much more as the days go by.
Hubby bought me these from Cracker Barrell for my birthday.
This goat milk hand cream is my favorite. 

We actually celebrated on our Anniversary night (that Saturday.) We went to The Cheesecake Factory. I didn't take a picture of the Orange Chicken (which was amazing) but I got a picture of the dessert. LOL I had the Reese's Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake Cheesecake. Hubby got the Red Velvet. 

As you can see, I didn't eat all of it. But I ended up taking it with me as well as half of my meal. Where did I take it? I took it back to the Suite that we ended up staying in courtesy of our church family. How nice of them to put us up for the evening. Yea, we stayed in a Presidential Suite at Comfort Suites looking over the River. View was amazing. We stayed at the same Comfort Suites for our Honeymoon back in 2004! It isn't far away from our place but it was just nice to get away for the night.

I ended up eating the rest of my meal and some more of my Cheesecake as well as sharing it with my hubby for dinner that night. The room was a good size room. It had a little living room/dining area. So I was able to refrigerate and then microwave. We watched Independence Day that evening in the little living room area while we ate... We spent some time in the huge Whirlpool Tub that was in the bedroom too. It was so nice. I jumped in there a couple more times without hubby. Haha! It felt great for my pregnant self. :-) 

Here is a picture of the skyline at night.
I love this church
 on the hillside.

Peeking across the river
toward the Montgomery Inn.
Another view.
Another view. Church on top of the hillside.

So what do you think of my two Milestones? Pretty awesome huh? Having been 35 for a month already, I have to say it isn't so bad. This month is actually going to be the best month of 2015. We will be welcoming Yonatan before the end of January!

Have a happy day,