38 Weeks Pregnancy Update And Pictures. Being Induced Soon!

Date: January 22, 2015

Due Date: January 31, 2015

How Far Along: 38 weeks and 5 days. 

Bump Pic: Here I am at 38 weeks. This was taken on Saturday the 17th.

I look rough, I'll explain in my next post. However, this skirt is rolled up and makes me look huge.

And here is a picture from last night at church.
My Woah Baby look. LOL
Baby Bump!

What I miss: I miss being able to walk without hitting my stomach on things. Or eating and not getting it everywhere on my shirt. LOL

Baby’s Size: I don't know the different in all these Melons but it says Winter Melon for 38 weeks.

Symptoms: Swelling in the feet, pregnancy brain, tired, hungrier than normal.

Weight Gain: I weighed 230.6 at the Perinatal Center today.

Maternity Clothes: Pretty much thinking that I will try to get a couple of nursing tanks. If I can find them in my size. Other than that, I am sticking with the clothes I already have since Yonatan is almost here.

Cravings: Sweets & Frozen Lattes still. 

Food Aversions: No aversions.

Gender: Baby BOY

Medical Happenings: Monday, I had a NST upstairs at my OBGYN's since the Perinatal Center was closed due to MLKJR Day. He was a happy baby and moved for the Doctor. 

I had my last two appointments today. Can you believe it? I had my Perinatal appointment first and had a final growth ultrasound. Yonatan is measuring around 8 lbs 11oz. He is around 3950 grams. I noticed that his head was measuring around 39 weeks 2 days and his stomach was around 40 weeks 1 day. Either way, the doctor came in to talk to me and told me to ask the OBGYN my options when it comes to delivering. She said that any baby over 4500 grams they discuss C-section but with Yonatan's measurements it is up in the air. She said my sugars were good and that Yonatan passed his BPP too.

I got one ultrasound of his face. Not very good. The tech said it is hard to get a picture once they start getting this big. Plus he is head down and face is toward my spine.
After my appointment today with the Perinatal center, I went upstairs for my final OBGYN Appointment. I took my ultrasound results up with me. I got weighed again, temp taken which I think it may have been a little higher than normal and also my blood pressure taken again. I got the same done down stairs. My BP was high down stairs but normal at the OBGYN's and also my weight was a little over a pound less. LOL 
My doctor said that the baby might be 8 lbs 11 oz, could be 7 lbs 11 oz or even 9 lbs 11 oz. I am hoping for either a 7 lb or 8 lb baby. Please Lord! She said at this rate, she would recommend a vaginal birth and told me the risks that the baby could have Shoulder Dystocia. Shoulder dystocia happens when your baby's head has been born, but one of his shoulders becomes stuck. It is very rare. There are several different scenerios that could happen including a broken arm or fatality. I am trusting that none happen and that I will deliver Yonatan safely into this world. Doctor O said that I will try vaginally and if by some chance a C-section needs to be performed than we will discuss when that time comes. 

I asked her about what I need to do on Sunday night. She said to just go to the floor. Go to the desk and then they will get things started. I will get Cervidil inserted, labs run, IV in... She said that the Cervidil will do its thing and it could take up to 12 hours. She said if they notice me having contractions they will check me sooner. Otherwise, I will just rest during that time it is in and they will check me in the Monday morning. She said at that time, they might tell me to take a shower and relax and even give me food to eat. LOL I think I like the food to eat idea. HAHA But that is just a tidbit as to what will happen when I first go in on Sunday night. 

I can't believe my induction date is almost here.

She checked me and my cervix was a 1. I am assuming that means I am dilated by 1 cm. She also said baby is very low. He doesn't feel low though to me. I just hope he stays in there until Sunday night. We still have to finish his little spot in our room and I have about 7 totes and 4 or so boxes to take to my MIL's for storage. Plus I need to clean some before Sunday night. 

Emotional Stuff: Let me tell you in my next post that will be up later today. After a nap!

Belly Button – In or Out?: In! 

Movement: He is a mover! I can't wait to hold him though. 

Sleep: Sleep, I am going to get some sleep in a few minutes. I will take a nap.

What I am looking forward to: getting everything together for baby boy. I still have a labor goodie bag to put together and make sure I have everything else either on a list and accessible or packed for sure.

Baby Buys: 
I got this bin on sale at Dollar General. I didn't realize it was on sale until I got home. I would have got a couple more. It is really decent size. I am going to put it near the bassinet with diapers and wipes in it.
I got these wipes on sale at Target and also go these 3 cute hats. I realized I didn't have any and wanted to get some for Yonatan before he came. I am taking at least one of them to the hospital with me.
I may not get around to posting a 39 week picture or post. We shall see. No promises. The next post you might see is my little rainbow baby!

So who is following along my journey? Let me know in the comments! Tell someone about my blog, I'd appreciate it. If I haven't covered something that you might have a question to, just ask. Have a happy day!

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