Review: Brookside Dark Chocolate Crunchy Clusters

Now most of you know that read the blog, that since the beginning of my pregnancy, I have craved Dark Chocolate. It was probably the first craving that I had. Well, I had a chance to try these Brookside treats through Crowdtap.

Let me tell you, I will definitely be buying them. I still have a good bit in my bag but it will all be gone before I know it.

I just love the chewy crunch that it has due to the berries that are in it as well as the crispy multigrains. Really love the Berry Medley flavors that it consists of. But my favorite part is the outside. The smooth dark chocolate is just what this pregnant girl needs.

Here is a picture of my baby bump and me enjoying some Brookside!


Also, here is a picture of the perfect combination if you want to combine snacks. Add some pretzels. Something salty and something sweet!!

Definitely try some Brookside... #DiscoverBrookside. #sponsored #gotitfree

Have a happy day,


Brenda said...

Never thought about trying Brookside with pretzels! Sounds good to me.

Anonymous said...

The Brookside & pretzel combo sounds delicious!!!

Roxanna said...

Brenda, give it a try... :)