Yonatan's 4 Month Update

Yonatan turned 4 months on May 28th. Monday, June 8th was his 4 month appointment. He weighs 14 lbs 10 oz and is 25.5" long. His head circumference is 17.25" around. Our boy is growing.

A lot has happened since the last update that I made. It seems like many milestones have been met! It is really amazing watching him grow and noticing how smart he is.

Just some things that I have observed about Yonatan:
  • He loves snuggling with blankets, mainly his little fox blankie but I have noticed him snuggling with other receiving blankets as well. 
  • He is such the giggler! He giggles when his underarms get tickled. He giggles when you take his toy and pretend you want it. So many giggles.
  • He smiles at everything. Such a happy boy. 
  • He has rolled over to his side and now has completely rolled over. He can roll both ways however, I have noticed that once he does get on his tummy lately he doesn't want to roll back over and he gets mad that he is on his stomach. I cried when he rolled over from his back to stomach. 
  • He loves to take naps in the swing. I know he will eventually outgrow the swing so I have been putting him down for naps in his bassinet too. 
  • He uses his fox to cover his eyes when he naps. It is the cutest thing to see. 
  • He blows bubbles with his drool. He is really drool-y because he is teething.  
  • We bought him an Activity Exer-saucer. He seems to like it. I think he will like it more within the next month. 
  • He sleeps throughout the night! 
  • He has started on cereal just last week! We are starting on Avocado in a few days. I finally will be using my Baby Bullet. He is a really good eater though. He has not spit out the rice & oatmeal and really enjoys eating. 
  • He loves the ABC Song located here: https://youtu.be/-CzRasKsFbM?list=PLf8etXibiXGaCTCE0kL44seRiyyCtbwie
  • He loves "Jesus Loves Me" "I'm So Happy" and "Itsy Bitsy Spider."
  • He loves grabbing his feet and getting his toes to his mouth. 
  • He chews on his index fingers.
  • He lights up when he sees his Dad and I. :)
  • He startles when people clap. He doesn't like it. 
  • He is rather nosy lately looking about wanting to see the whole world. I love it!
  • He has pretty much outgrown 0 to 3 month clothing. He fits only a few things now. 
  • He has gained the nickname Popeye from someone at church. I think that is cute. She said it is because of the definition in his arms. lol 
  • He is no longer being swaddled at bedtime since he can now roll.

Here are some pictures and I am going to be putting a video or two together and will share them when that happens.

I think that about covers it for now! Love our little boy!

Have a happy nite,