Yonatan's 5 Month Update

Yonatan is growing and getting so smart. His next appointment is next month, so no height, weight, head circumference stats until then. He is rolling everywhere. I can't really keep him on the blanket. He is sitting up really good being assisted. It won't be long before he sits up on his own. He already does a thing where he gets on his knees and kinda lunges his body forwards. He may be crawling before I know it too. & Jesus help me, because I must get things baby proof soon.

He really is a perfect sleeper. He naps mostly in his bassinet now. I don't even bother with any naps in the swing. If he wakes up it is usually because he wants his pacifier. He has turned from one end of the bassinet to the other in his sleep. It is almost time for his crib. We have a sorta bedtime routine. He knows when it is bedtime. If it is past 8PM and he isn't in bed, he is cranky because he is tired.

He loves all the food that I have been making him. He has tried avocado, sweet potato, zucchini, sweet peas, banana & apple! He has also tried some Gerber green beans when we were on the way back from camp meeting. He didn't like them one bit. He spit them out. I am glad he is liking the homemade baby food.

Speaking of food, Yoni has 2 teeth or what I call them TEEFERS! I noticed the one broke through on the 1st of July and the second one on the 4th. He is drool-y and still teething obviously. But he hasn't kept me up or anything. If anything, he has just slept more when teething. I haven't noticed any fevers or fussiness because of his teeth either. Blessed I am!

He still loves being sung his songs and being read books... he likes bath time... or at least has gotten use to it. He giggles at peek-a-boo and different sounds that we make like "muah" and Popeyes "uck ga ga ga" when Daddy does it. He loves playing in his Exersaucer and his favorite toy right now is a set of plastic keys. His favorite toy at Grandma's is a Worm Rattle. lol

He likes to raspberry with is lips and makes grunt sounds all the time too. He is just too cute. He has been babbling away lately too. I tried to get some of it on video. A few days ago, I am pretty certain that he associated "Da-da" with Travis when looking at him but I haven't noticed it again yet.  I just love his little language that he has.

It is hard to believe that in 8 days I will have a 6 month old!

Upcoming: We are going to have a dedication service at church in a month!

Here are some pictures from the last update leading up to now. I am still working on the videos.

Celebrating Fourth of July at Granny's

That is all I am gonna update for now.  Have a happy evening!