Yoni's 6 Month Update!

Well here in a 7 days, Yonatan will be 7 months. I waited way to long to update about his 6 months. That is life sometimes. We actually have been under the weather around here. Yonatan and I got the stomach bug and then my husband did. Yonatan is on the mends though. I felt so bad for him though. I can handle being sick but I hated to see him sick. I am just thankful that he still ate solids and drank his milk. I did enjoy all the cuddles while he was sick. He just wanted to be held. I don't blame him. Now I think his teething is causing him to be fussy when he sleeps.

In the last post, I said that I would have the weight, height and head circumference because of his appointment. Well I was wrong because his appointment isn't until the end of this month. Yes, he will be 7 months but they said that it was okay for him to get his 6 month shots and have the appointment late. He could have seen a doctor sooner but it wouldn't be his doctor and I really don't want him seeing someone other than his pediatrician. If it was absolutely necessary he would have seen someone else but it was perfectly fine to wait. That is what we are doing. That update will come next month. I think he is around 18 lbs or so.

He gets up on his knees in his bassinet. It is time for us to change him to a crib but we might have to put him in a pack n play because we haven't got another place yet and we don't want to put the crib up in this apartment.

He still can't sit up totally without falling over. We are practicing on that. He is getting so quick with his rolls and moving around on his belly in a circle. He still doesn't crawl but I know it will be soon. He gets up on his hands and knees and lunges still. My little mover. He is getting too big.

He is ticklish in his thighs, on his feet and under his arms. I love his little giggles. He also has been doing this little scream. His way of being vocal, not a scream of hurt or pain. LOL It is funny. I think I got a video of it. Still working on getting those up though.

Still going to be having the dedication at the end of the month I think. It may change though.

Daddy says Yonatan is awesome like his momma. His words not mine. He loves his daddy and lights up when he sees him.

Here are some pictures:

Have a happy evening,