Yonatan's 7 Month Update aka Month Everything Happened.

Where do I even begin? Yonatan is soon to be 8 months old but a lot has happened in the past month. He had his 6 month appointment on the day he turned 7 months. He weighed 17 lbs 12 oz. His height is 27 1/4th inches and his head is 17 3/4 inches.

We did move him over to a pack n play for now. He didn't like it at first but has gotten used to it. We switched him over from the bassinet to the pack n play right in time. Speaking of moving him over, we moved him from his infant car seat to a big boy convertible car seat in both our car and my mother in laws. Luckily Babies R Us had a coupon for car seats. So we got a good deal.

He now sits unassisted, crawls and tries to stand up using the couch or whatever is higher than him. He has successfully done this on his own once with the couch and fell back hitting his head where it was padded thankfully and didn't cry.  He gets around so fast now.  He just started crawling and pulling himself up to his feet within the last few days. He doesn't like to be on his belly or back at all now. As soon as you lay him down on the floor he sits up. He would rather be sitting up and if he would have his way, he'd be on his feet already and walking.

He loves to play at my feet. And he would rather play with my chair or this ceramic Cocker Spaniel that my Mom got me when I was a teenager than his toys. Or he would rather go over and try to pull himself up on the DVD storage which is a no-no. His daddy says that he is going to think his name is Yonatan Asher No-No Precht because we say it so much.

With his frog hopping (lunging) that he does, it has got him into trouble twice. He has bled those two times. The first time it was while Travis was holding him while laying on the floor and he lunged out of his arms and onto the carpet. I think he bit his tongue or side of cheek. Travis and I felt so bad. I cried a little. The next was while he was on the bed and I was doing laundry or something. He lunged toward his pack n play and hit is lip on the edge of it. It started bleeding. I cried again. Boys will be boys though and I know that is the least of my worries.

I find myself crying at all his milestones.  Just something about my baby and his firsts. I love it. It is mostly happy tears.

He likes the high chair now and has sat in high chairs out and about now at restaurants. He is now eating some organic sweet potato and carrot puffs. He has tried white potato, carrot, green beans, peaches, butternut squash, yellow squash and pear since my last update of foods. He has loved them all. No spitting out or anything. Thankful for that.

He is too cute with his expressions. He likes to blow raspberries and he crinkles up his nose and breathes in and out. It is too cute. The last few days he has been swinging his fist up and down patting on his knee. He shakes his head back and forth too.

Oh teething. He just recently got another tooth. This one is on the top left and I believe is a canine. He did wake up several times in the night as this tooth gave him some troubles. He was also a lot more clingy.  I didn't get any pictures of it.

We did have his dedication at church. It was really nice. I have video of it and will get that up as time goes on.  We went shopping the day before for a suit for the dedication and found a cute used one at Once Upon A Child. I found cute shoes to for him. I had bought the bow tie before he was born. Love it. On the following Monday I decided to get Yonatan's 6 to 9 month clothes out of storage & took the tags off and wash them. Well 2 brand new suits were found. UGH. Some advice from me always look in your stash.

He can still wear a few things that are 3 to 6 months but he is transitioning into 6 to 9 months.

I almost forgot to mention that September 8th, Yonatan had a tube put in his left ear. He has a follow up appointment in a few days. An eye appointment has been scheduled in November for his slight lazy eye. I am sure that things will go well there.
Headed to the ENT for surgery.
About to have surgery. All ready to go in his gown.

Once again, Daddy says Yonatan is awesome when I asked him if he had anything else to add to my blog. :)

Here are some more pictures. I am still working on all video but will get some uploaded soon.

His 7 month sticker pictures. The one in his pajamas is from the day that he turned 7 months and the day time picture is the morning afterwards. He was fussy and tired and I had forgot to do it during the day but wanted to try to get one on the 28th. 

This picture was taken on a day that I got in the car having been at work. He grabbed my hand and held it close.

Here are more pictures from his Dedication.

Playing in the pack n play before or after his nap.

At Grandma and Grandpa's house looking at Grandpa.

There are the two suits that I found after I had bought the one for his dedication. There were in my stash and with tags on them. Washed them and he has wore them on Sundays. The black with pin stripes one was worn last Sunday. 
Those lashes though.

First time in a shopping cart. "I've got this."

Big boy car seat!! 

Have a happy nite,