Yonatan's 9 Month Update

I am very late on this update but I wanted to write it to have it to look back on. Yonatan is 10 1/2 months old right now but this update is going to be for 9 months.

He is on the move so much that it was really hard getting his 9 month pictures. He pulls up easily on anyone and everything. Yonatan stood up for a few seconds without holding on to anything.

I had fun baby wearing Yonatan at our church's truck n treat event on Halloween night.  I did my car as a Frog for Fully Rely On God and my MIL found a frog outfit with a hat that day. So she had us stop by before it and I changed him into it. He did so good. He slept for the first hour and a half (while I was decorating the car.) When he woke up I was able to use my Ergo and wear him and pass out candy still.

Yoni got the second half of his flu shot on the 13th of November.  I felt bad because of those rolling tears.  Poor baby. I hate when he has to get shots.  He got sick a week or so later and had his 1st ear infection and bad sinuses/post nasal drip with cough. I would rather go through an ear infection and sinuses than the stomach bug though. Thank God that it wasn't that or worse.
We went to see the Eye doctor on November 23rd. He was diagnosed with the specialty problems hypertropia of the right eye and strabismic amblyopia. Big words I know. Basically lazy eye and muscle around the eye problems. However, the doctor did have an MRI recommended which is scheduled at Cincinnati's Children's the first week of January. He has a follow up on January 25th. Until then since the 24th we have been patching for 2 hours each day. He hasn't been thrilled to say the least. But we've only gone one hour with him not having it on when he was supposed to so I say we are doing great.

On Nov 10th, he said 2 new words.  We were saying grace over our food and I didn't even think anything of it at the time but he said 'Amen.' It wasn't until our night time prayers that I noticed he really did say it. Several times. I got video of it. I am pretty sure I have heard him saying 'Hi' too. He also said ''nite-nite.' It was sentenced with a 'nite-nite mama.' Travis heard him. I guess when you are tired, you are tired... haha.

He gives that sweetest hugs and cuddles.

I haven't noticed more teeth yet but he still has his days where he had his fist/fingers in his mouth and is really drooly. During his 9th month, he transitioned to more chunkier foods and textures.

He still doesn't mind others holding him. He loves the attention. Sometimes, he will have his moments when he is tired and just want Mama or Dada to hold him. Any other time though, he'll go to whoever.

He likes playing with the cabinet doors, opening up and then shutting them. He has also grabbed stuff out but not that often does he do that. He shakes his head No. But so far it is a sign of when he is tired... I got a cute video of him shaking his head no and me saying yes yes yes...

We celebrated Thanksgiving at his Grandma's house. His little outfit was the shirt, I want what I want and I know how to get it! (Grandma) and some grey and aqua pants with a fox on the butt. A fox hat and his orange and white bandana bib. Too cute. Plus a somewhat matching eye patch because it was within those 2 hrs when I took the picture.

What a wonderful Thanksgiving. I am so thankful for my baby boy! 

Here are some more pictures:

I know I keep promising videos and I plan to keep that promise. I am just having trouble with editing. I think I have a solution though so one day soon.

Have a happy day,