Yonatan's 10 month update

I think it has been later and later that I am getting Yonatan's updates up. But thankfully he will be 12 months soon and I will most likely not update anymore on him unless something big happens or an 18 month update.

It seems lately the last couple months have blended together. Yonatan is just getting so big. I am trying to plan a birthday party for him but I haven't even come up with a theme yet to center the party around.

So he has taken a few steps in the pack n play during his 10th month. That was a big thing. But on December 19th, he took 3 or 4 steps toward me. I know he will be walking soon but might not be before he turns 1.

Food. He loves food. He goes to town on food now. He loves the Gerber pasta pick ups. He would rather feed himself finger foods and such than for me to feed him.

He bites my ankles... While I am sitting in the chair, he will sneak around my chair and bite my ankles. Do I have a puppy or a baby? haha He is totally adorable though. Did this happen to anyone else?

He still swings in the swing and it is when he wants to nap. We are giving the swing back to original owner when we move but for now he uses it. Anyways, he goes to the swing when he is tired. He is so smart. I hope I can easily transition him to nap in his crib once we move.

He likes to hold on to things and bounce up and down. He does it when I say, "dance baby dance" too.

We got him an Vtech activity cube for Christmas. He got it before Christmas though & he loves it.

Speaking of Christmas, it was his first Christmas. Awww.

We have a ceramic monkey statue thing. 3 monkeys on top of each others shoulders... Doing the see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. When we point to it and say that they are monkeys... he says "ah, ah, ah, ah."

I don't have anything else that I can think of at the moment that happened during his 10th month so here are some pictures. :) Pictures are not in order do to them not letting me put them that way for some reason.

Have a happy nite,

Posing? I think he was paying attention to Daddy. 
Yeah, this picture will do.
What Mom?!

Going to town on this food!
Smiling for Mommy

First Christmas!

Have your Selfie A Merry Little Christmas!

Christmas Party At Susie's. I see Santa passing out stockings!

This is what Yoni thought about that!

Yoni's gifts from the Christmas Party at Susie's

Yoni's gifts from Grandma and Grandpa

Mmm. Food on Christmas Eve!
Christmas Eve opening presents at Grandma's and Grandpa's house.
We walked around the mall and had to take a little break.

Family Photo at Christmas Dinner

I was able to capture the reflection of the rain on Yoni's face.
All that Christmas present opening wore me out
I opened this on Christmas from Nana and Pap pap

Christmas Day. I opened this from Pap pap and Nana from WV.

Wonder what this is?

Below are gifts from Robin, Tiffany, Tabby, Connie, Aaron and Jim. $5 to put in the Tonka bank.


Happy New Year Everyone!

Yes, Happy New Year Everyone!!! I hope that 2016 brings you much joy and that you keep all your goals and resolutions. :) My main goal this year is to lose weight and be in onederland. If you don't know what onederland is... just ask. LOL

I will be posting Yonatan's 10 month update soon. I can't believe he is 11 months now and at the end of this month he will be A YEAR OLD!

Time sure has flown.

Have a happy nite,