11 month update!

Yonatan is officially 1 now. He is actually days away from being 13 months old! Here is his 11 month update.

He started spitting his food out this month. I am not sure if it was a texture thing or not. On the note of spitting his food out, he really sticks his tongue out now. 

He likes sorting his alphabet blocks in the activity cube. He is so smart.

He jumps. Yes, he likes to hold onto the bed rails and jump. It is the cutest thing.

He loves Fisher Price Videos. Especially Let's Go To The Farm. I love the Fisher Price Puppy Player App. I just figured out how to do a playlist for the videos. It is great for the times he is fussy whether we are out of the house or at home. He loves it so much that I do have to limit it. I don't let him watch much of anything. He mainly plays with all his toys and looks at his books.

He started walking for real during his 11 month. He walked across the room from Travis to me. Took about 8 to 9 steps and has been taking steps ever since. Still prefers crawling most of the time though because he is much faster that way. He stands up without holding on.

He has learned how to wave. 

Due to a tooth coming in, he has been biting a lot.  

He is starting to babble and talk so much now. He is getting pretty close to repeating things. He sings "la la la." He has a lot of words now. Mama, Dada, Lalala, Good, Baba, Nite nite, Ah Ah Ah Ah (for a monkey sound)... I know there are more. 

What to expect in my blog posts now. From here on out I may post here and there. Especially if something new happens and I just want to post about it so make sure you are following me. 

I know I have been promising videos and I am going to be starting those soon. I may do one that is from when he was younger and then a recent or vice versa and so on. Be sure to subscribe to my youtube account: HERE 

I will be posting about his birthday party and some 12 month old pictures. Look for that post to go up tomorrow. 

Here are some 11 month photos. 

Have a happy day,